Many years ago, I had my first blog. It was hosted by Blogger, and although it was written for my friends, other people would come to the site from all over the internet, just because they searched random words. For example, I once posted something critical of the Smart ForTwo, and quickly noticed that somebody shared it on a Canadian ForTwo forum. Out of the blue, all these Canadian randos were out there reacting to some dumb thing I typed up at my kitchen table.

That was exciting.

Those were the days, but tragically, they seem to be gone forever. SEO is a big business, and so it takes big money to get a set of eyes on a blog. No matter what I’ve written in recent years, nobody – outside of direct referral acquaintances – would ever come to my blogs. Ever!

I tried making a real website, with an actual domain and everything, because all the SEO blogs said that was essential to being found. I linked to it on all my social media, and tweeted articles with relevant hashtags. I posted original photos with my work, tagging them as well as I could figure how. I wrote about people and businesses by name. All of this accomplished nothing; the analytics needle barely moved. And it cost me a little money.

All of this is a long way of explaining why I’m back here on a free WordPress blog. Nobody is going to find what I write, but I still enjoy writing. Occasionally, maybe I’ll write something that I’d like to directly forward to somebody. So I’m back here, in the land of free blogs, typing in obscurity, for pure love of the game. If you’re here, I hope you enjoy it. Have a nice day, and please come again.



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