I’m Catholic. Now What? – Book Review

What it is: “I’m Catholic. Now What?” is the Catholic handbook for 2020. It is a compilation and review of the spectrum of stuff Catholics should know. Catechism class basics, Thomistic proofs, papal encyclicals, Roman Missal/WMD puns, the faith’s application to hot-button sociopolitical issues, the importance of beer – it’s all in there.

A challenge for writing a book like this is the need to cover a very wide range of topics with careful accuracy, while also remaining organized and readable. The author, Shaun McAfee, is up to the task. An elite cyberathlete who brings his Catholic witness to the world of online gaming – the Philip Rivers of Rocket League, if you will – he is also a learned apologist, and a gifted writer.

Why it matters: One of the chapters is named “The Church is perfect, but her members aren’t – yet.” Those words can definitely apply to the members who introduce us to and form us in our faith. Parents, Sunday school volunteers, teachers, professors, RCIA directors, and clergy fail to varying degrees for too many reasons. Devoted Catholics will all agree that lack of formation is a large problem the Church is faced with today.

What to do? I recommend “I’m Catholic. Now What?” as a remedy. I will have a copy of this book on hand to give the next person who comes into my life seeking the truth and wishing to understand the Catholic Faith. It doesn’t replace existing Catholic apologetic resources, nor does it aim to, but it fills some important gaps and seems especially well-written for a our exact present moment in history.

Conclusion: Get this book. If you were just received into the Church, and you hear some whispers about the RCIA program you went through, read this book cover-to-cover. If you get a lot of questions about the faith from someone, have this book handy, and navigate the table of contents. If you just want a full refresher on the faith, but are not quite ready to read the Catechism and the Summa, get this book.

It’s on Amazon, right here: https://www.amazon.com/Catholic-Now-What-Shaun-McAfee/dp/1681923432/

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