A Message From Our CEO About COVID-19

Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter on Pexels.com

First of all, an apology. I realize I’m behind schedule with this message, and this may have left some of you in painful suspense, wondering what my blog was going to do, in light of COVID-19. So I’ll just jump right to it and let you know that during these unprecedentedly uncertain times, my hearts are full of thoughts and commitment, and my top concern is the health and safety of this blog. I’ve drafted a business continuity plan to ensure continued business, with unreliable, unfocused content, provided sporadically, as my primary goal. While I closely monitor, assess and respond to the virus or maybe just allergies, rest assured that all of my blog’s front-line readers are here voluntarily, and any readers who are feeling sick are being told to delete their account, get off the internet, shut up, and grow a brain.

The main thing that I want you to know is that, going forward, it will be this blog’s policy to refer to the virus as “COVID-19.” There has been a great deal of confusion, from day one, about the name. Coronavirus came first, but then we learned that was too obscure, because “Coronavirus” is a very popular name for boys in epidemiology-speaking countries. Wuhan (or “the wuhan” as in, “Roy had panda express for lunch, and now he’s pukin’ something fierce; I think he mighta got him the woo-hahn”) was more distinct, but drew concerns that it would perpetuate negative stereotypes about bats and Batman. Next, the consensus was that it ought to be called “the Chinese virus” but we quickly learned that Trump had already called dibs on “Chinese virus” and we were too late and he was keeping it.

Somebody suggested calling it “2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19”, which was a stroke of genius. I think that was the perfect name – one that rolls off the tongue and everyone can remember – but when popular televangelist Kenneth Copeland started just abbreviating it as “COVID-19”, it caught on with the kids, and now we’re stuck with that.

So there’s my update for today. I’ll be working in close partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and federal, state, and local agencies and televangelists about the latest recommendations for what to call the virus. Please check back here frequently for updates; there is no predicting when I will write something new, so it’s important to visit often.


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