We Have to Go Back!

We… were not supposed to leave [blogs].

We never should have left blogs, to go to Facebook and Twitter. We have to go back to blogs. WE HAVE TO GO BACK, KATE!!

That’s more or less what Matthew Archbold, aka Creative Minority Report, wrote for the National Catholic Register (article link here) back in November. It’s a good article, and I think it works well as a more articulate follow-on piece to my “Well… Bye” post from January. It captures a large part of the sentiment that drove me to leave Facebook and Twitter permanently.

Recently, he wrote more on this topic for his blog, highlighting how legislators are now looking for ways to further censor the voices of people like myself. It’s good, especially the part about how milquetoast the newsfeed becomes, for an independent thinking person, who remains on these social media platforms.

“What most people will do is they will simply stop sharing their right leaning opinions online. We all will know what gets people censored. So many will stay away from it. We’ll be left with cat videos and family portraits. We’ll be left with nice stories about nuns who play basketball.”

Creative minority Report

That is just what Facebook is right now. You can try to hide content from toxic people on your personal newsfeed, but the good content has been hidden or deleted for you. All you’re left with are cat videos and nice stories.

So the good news is that my blog is not censored. You can read my full, warm-to-hot takes, and not be concerned that it’s being censored or curated (by anyone other than me). I can’t offer you cat videos, but I promise there will be pictures of my dog.


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