Finding My Niche

Confession: I’m a little taken aback by how weird my latest post was – the one with the unboxing video. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I feel the need to defend it (yes, defend it to myself). Against the advice of most self-help books, let us indulge my self-critical thought patterns, with an entire essay.

To begin to explain the unboxing video, we need to understand what this blog is – and it is a few different things.

  • It’s a surrogate social-media page. I’m a social-media orphan. Facebook and Twitter are alcoholic sociopaths that have been deemed unsuitable to care for my social-media content. All of my jokes, opinions, and observations have been placed into the care of WordPress, for as long as it takes to find a safe, loving, permanent home.
  • It’s a photo-sharing site too, but with a limitation: I don’t want to make this blog private, so a lot of my photos of family and friends are now migrating to Flickr, which does have privacy settings. Here is my page: The general consensus online, as I type this, seems to be that Flickr is the best photo-sharing site/app of the day. I’ll probably highlight on here when I post new stuff on Flickr. So there’s that.
  • It’s a sounding board for my ideas. I’d like to generate some passive income via my writing and general drive to be creative and entertaining. I think the keys to that are, 1) Pick a lane/specialty/expertise, 2) Create content of the finest quality, and 3) Create content prolifically and consistently. Point #1 is what I’m grappling with now. I have a lot of ideas:
    • Hot-takes and gripes about current events
    • Dating and relationship advice for awkward Catholics
    • Unboxing and reviews of various food items I find in my house
    • So-called “Young Adult Ministry”
    • Disco ball spinner device news and analysis
    • The Bible in a Year
    • Pictures of my dog
    • The list goes on…
  • It’s exercise. I’m a distance runner, and I find this blog to be the intellectual equivalent of a relaxed jog through the park. Thinking thoughts, and turning them into typed words is an exercise for me. I enjoy it, it’s good for my health, and I get a funny little high from it. Ultimately, I’m not relying on blogging/writing/vlogging to lead me directly to a money-making creative outlet. I already get value for it immediately in the moment, as I enjoy all the time I put into it, and inevitably find some sort of personal growth, whatever form that may take.

Which brings us back to the unboxing video. I really enjoyed making that. I’ve been a big fan of unboxing and review videos for years (mostly of consumer tech) and lately I’ve been getting into listening to entrepreneur and finance podcasts/YouTube channels as well. I wanted to take a shot at producing something along those lines. I have a day job, so I’m curious to find out what is the absolute minimum effort it takes to produce something on video. Furthermore, I really want to get better at speaking on camera (or otherwise under pressure). I’ve been subjected to watching a video of myself giving a speech at my recent wedding, and – here’s another confession of the tyranny of my self-criticism – I absolutely despise how I delivered that speech. I wish it was so much better. I feel like having a little YouTube channel, even if it is just for friends, could help me iron out my public speaking idiosyncrasies.

And beyond all of that, I also had an excuse to eat two delicious fresh-baked muffins. That alone justifies this entire endeavor, if you ask me.


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